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 sami yusuf in darfur 2

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PostSubject: sami yusuf in darfur 2   Tue Jan 13, 2009 9:34 am

Muslim 'Live 8' style Peace Concert for Darfur

A 'Muslim Live 8' style peace concert is to be staged at Wembley to highlight the humanitarian crisis in Darfur.

The Muslim equivalent of Bono, rock star Sami Yusuf has just returned with an Islamic Relief delegation from Darfur and will be pressing the British Public to show they care.

Organised by Awakening & Islamic Relief, with the full support of the Department for International Development, the concert will stage the Muslim worlds most renowned musicians, including Outlandish, A R Rehman (Bollywood) and many others.

“I’ve visited camps in Darfur where over two million people are now living in makeshift tents and are dependent on international aid for their basic needs” said Douglas Alexander, the Secretary of State for International Development.

“We are asking people to rise to the challenge of helping Darfur, we must get the message of urgency and hope out” said Jehangir Malik, the UK Manager of Islamic Relief.

Islamic Relief and Sami Yusuf are set to drive the key Muslim world leaders to take action in promoting peace in Darfur.

“Music is a universal language, one that transcends religious and cultural boundaries. And I hope to use this means to promote and convey my message of peace worldwide” said the rock star Sami Yususf.

“This is a positive response to the terrible situation in Darfur and Africa in general, a response that allows ordinary people to get involved and do something about it” said Waaliur Rahman, CEO of Awakening.
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sami yusuf in darfur 2
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