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PostSubject: Hamza Robertson   Hamza Robertson Icon_minitimeSun Dec 28, 2008 9:03 am

Hamza Robertson was born in Lancashire in the North-West of England. Since school through college, he involved himself in music and the performing arts. He was a part of the local theatre workshop, where he wrote music and acted in plays. He took part in a variety of rock bands beyond college, playing a variety of instruments and writing music. He still produces his own unique pieces.

Through his early academic career, Hamza played the keyboard and performed vocals and as such played in several bands, later becoming lead singer, keyboard player and guitarist in a rock band he formed with his friends called 'Green'. Hamza has undertaken a series of solo performances. He studied Performing Arts Popular Music for three years in Hopwood hall college, Middletown, Manchester.

In working with Awakening, Hamza aims to take part in a new dynamics in calling to God, or 'dawah', in a new world, through producing songs with a positive message. Being a convert who embraced Islam three years ago, he feels that too many people know too little about Islam and the beauty of its essential values, values which bring about harmony between people, as opposed to discord.

Hamza believes that music, being a powerful source of energy, can be employed to influence people towards either good or bad. He feels there is too much 'negative music' in the world giving people the wrong message, and bringing about within them the desire to do things which are against their inherently pure nature, i.e. their 'fitrah'

The story behind this album all started in Hamza's local mosque in Manchester, when Nabeel, a good friend of Hamza's needed help with his project on Islamic education for schools, Hamza went to the studio and acted in some video footage which would be shown to the children, it was then that Hamza mentioned he was a musician and that he would like to meet Sami Yusuf, so Nabeel, being a friend of Sami's himself arranged a meeting for Hamza.

Hamza played some of his songs on the piano to Sami who was very impressed, he suggested that Hamza could help him with some of the writing and performing on his next album, it was then that Awakening Records decided that Hamza would be given his own album, to express his feelings about his crazy world


To all the Muslims who are suffering in the world and struggling to keep their faith strong.
And to Allah for putting me in a position where I'm doing what I enjoy for living.

Hamza's Message:

Bismillahir rahmanir Rahim
I've really enjoyed working in the studio, it's been a while since I last sat behind a microphone expressing my thoughts and feelings, it has been a great experience learning from my producer and we have become very good friends, I've enjoyed learning about different cultures as I never sang eastern melodies before or composed eastern style music before, it has made me realize that although we have different cultures, at the root of it all we are all the same
There is a lot of Muslims who have gone astray and I wanted to increase their love for Allah and for the prophet PBUH in my music to spread a good message for Muslims and non-Muslims., and to open up people's eyes to nature and to a deeper meaning to our way of life, Ameen.


I want to thank everyone for their hard work and effort to make this dream of mine a reality, I would like to thank Nabeel for introducing me to Sami, Sami for believing in me, Barron for all his hard work and effort, Bara for helping me with the lyrics, uncle Firooz for the inspiration of eastern influences, and everyone at the awakening team who I've not been privileged to meet yet
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Hamza Robertson
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