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PostSubject: palestine notebook   palestine notebook Icon_minitimeFri Jan 09, 2009 2:36 am

song part 1

everyday I see the same headlines

People commit the deeds in his name
They murdering and kidnap but no shame

song part 2

What happened to the ummah
Once known so well...

song part 3

We Will Never Submit,silent,and leave and forget


I write paragraphs to Palestine, and I could to arrange together

each day .. I see the Same in news banner .. distressful things .. injuring my heart .. with seeing mothers crying.. because their children .. became with deaths
with seeing ... you litter sisz crying ... their families leaving from their life
with seeing .. little boy crying .. he's lost with his tears
with seeing .. river of bloods
with seeing .. families crying .. their son. became a martyr

with this things .. do you think Israel feelings shame? NEVER!!

they're Israel
they make crimes & destruction .. but no shame

what happen in our ummah?
Why we sleep in safe .. why we playing with fun why we eat with smile

I'm Not cavilling .. I mean Why we don't pray for them ?
just we can to do

everyday I see people in gazza they ...said .. we will never submit ...
and they wrote that in their walls
they wrote DEAREST BRO SAMI YUSUF song
''we will never submit''

O.K. go to prays for them
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palestine notebook
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