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Who is the prophet Mohammed?
Mohammed was very religious and for a long time, it détesta decadence and the idolatry of the society in which he lived.

The mosque of the prophet Mohammed in Medina.

At the age of forty years, Mohammed received his first revelation of God through the angel Gabriel. The revelations continued for twenty-three years, and together they formed what we know as the Koran.

When he began to recite the Koran and preach the truth that God had revealed he suffered, with his small group of followers, persecution on the part of unbelievers. The persecution became so fierce that in the year 622, God ordered them to emigrate. This emigration from Mecca to the city of Medina, located about 260 miles (418 km) north marked the beginning of the Muslim calendar.

After several years, Mohammed and his followers could finally return to Mecca, where they pardonnèrent their enemies. Before Mohammed died at the age of sixty-three years, most of the Arabian Peninsula became a Muslim, and less than a century after his death, Islam had spread to Spain to 'west, and as far as China to the east. Among the reasons for the rapid and peaceful spread of Islam, there is the truth and clarity of its doctrine. Islam calls on people not to believe that one God, which is the one who deserves to be loved.

The Prophet Mohammed was a perfect example of an honest man, just, merciful, the compassionate, true and brave. Although it was a man, it was very far from having bad characteristics, and he struggled and made every effort by love for God and His reward in the afterlife. Moreover, in all its actions and relations with people, it was always the fear of God and the desire to please Him
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Lovely prophet
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